Every weekday the following indices are published on our website:

Please note that texts on the linked pages below are in Swedish.

The data is collected from SIX (Scandinavian Information Exchange) once a day, based on the fixing rates at 5.30 pm. Please note that the information texts for these graphs are in Swedish.

SIXPX and SIXPRX present the average performance on the Stockholm stock market adjusted for the placement restrictions that apply to equity funds. These indices thus apply to comparisons of performance of funds that invest in Swedish equities. In contrast to SIXPX, SIXPRX includes dividends.

SIXGX indicates the average performance on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. SIXRX includes dividends.

SIXPX adjusts SIXGX and SIXPRX adjusts the SIXRX to take account of the restriction preventing investment funds (UCITS) from investing more than 10 percent of their assets in shares in one and the same company. If a company represents a higher proportion of the stock markets’ market capitalisation than 10 per cent, the excess is allocated pro rata to the other listed companies, which thus represent a slightly higher share of the adjusted index than is the case.

Apart from the daily values, the change in relation to the previous day is shown in per cent.

SIXGX: 100.00, 29-12-1995
SIXRX: 100.00, 29-12-1995
SIXPX: 100.00, 30-12-1992
SIXPRX: 100.00, 30-12-1992

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