A unified voice for the investment fund industry and fund savers

Membership of the Swedish Investment Fund Association is a guarantee of quality. The Association’s member companies currently represent approximately 90 per cent of the net fund assets held in the Swedish market.

Who we are

Fund-Sweden in figuresWay back in 1979, the Swedish Investment Fund Association was founded with a mandate to protect and promote the common interests of fund savers and fund management companies. Today, the Association has over 40 member companies which collectively represent the majority of fund-based saving in Sweden. The Association also has numerous associate member companies with links to the sector.

What we do

The Association works to promote a sound industry that operates in the best interests of the savers. The Association monitors legislative work in relation to the sector and acts as a referral body at national and EU level. The Association has extensive contacts with decision-makers, authorities, and the media and has a well-established international network. The Association’s numerous working groups are the heart of the operations. These approaches make the Association a strong and collective voice of the industry and fund savers.

What we want

We want life to be easy for savers. We promote and protect accessibility, freedom of choice and diversity in the range of funds and fund managers available to savers.

The investment fund market shall be characterised by stable rules that support healthy competition on equal terms. Transparency, responsibility and consumer protection are important watchwords.

Key issues

Protecting and promoting confidence in fund-based saving and investment fund operations, working to establish the best possible regulations, supporting the fund managers’ commitment to sustainability issues, and highlighting the importance of funds when it comes to pension savings.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@fondbolagen.se or any of our staff.

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