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The Association produces a range of reports on, and surveys of, the fund market in Sweden. Most of them are translated into English. More studies are available on the Swedish page.

New records set for fund savings 2017

In 2017, a net total of SEK 112 billion was saved in investment funds. Together with an increase in value of nearly SEK 340 billion, this means that total net assets  at the end of 2017 increased to the new all-time high level of SEK 4 018 billion.
Download the report here.

2016 became another record year for fund savings in Sweden

In 2016, a net total of SEK 53 billion was saved in investment funds. Together with an increase in value of nearly SEK 270 billion, this means that total net assets at the end of 2016 increased to the new all-time high level of SEK 3 568 billion.
Download the report here.

2015 a strong year for investment funds

Yearly report on fund saving in Sweden.
Download the report here.

Fund Special: Active and Index Fund Management

The aim of this in-depth report is to explain how active and index management work in order to enable savers to take a more informed decision when choosing a fund. There are advantages to both active and index management and savers may find the two alternatives mutually complementary. The questions we will answer are:

How does an actively managed fund work?
How does an index fund work?
How have saving preferences changed?
What sort of things should savers think about when choosing a fund?
What can research tell us?

Download the report here. The report is also available in Swedish.

Saving in turbulent times
- The fund market and fund saving, 1998-2012

The Swedish fund market has undergone substantial changes over the last 15 years. Regulatory changes, product innovations and improved trading opportunities are just a few examples of the development seen in the fund sector over a very turbulent period in the financial markets. The equity market has experienced three very different 5-year periods with the rise and fall of the IT bubble between 1998 and 2002, a period of vigorous recovery between 2003 and 2007, and a following period characterised by financial crises between 2008 and 2012.
Download the study (pdf). Also available in Swedish.

Fund Special: Funds and Risk

In this in-depth report we describe:
- Different types of risk associated with fund saving, e.g. market, sector and corporate risk, interest rate risk, and currency risk.
- Measures and concepts used to describe funds’ risk levels, e.g. standard deviation, tracking error and the Sharpe ratio. 
Download the report.

Fund Special: Returns and Charges

In-depth fund info from the Swedish Investment Fund Association. Topics:
How are returns and charges shown?
Is there any correlation between returns and charges?
Why do charges differ from one fund to another?
What do you get for the fees and charges?
Download the report here.


30 Years of Investment Funds - how Sweden became a nation of fund savers

In this study from May 2009 the Swedish Investment Fund Association describes Swedens' journey towards becoming a fund saving nation. 
Read the study here.

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