Increased transparency and comparability

Increased transparency and comparability

One of the Swedish Investment Fund Association's main tasks is to promote transparency and comparability of funds. The association has taken several initiatives to further improve transparency.

Coordinated reporting of carbon footprint

In the spring of 2016 the Association produced a guide for the coordinated reporting of carbon footprint for a fund's holdings.
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Sustainability Overview for fund management companies

The Association has initiated an industry standard for reporting of fund management companies' sustainability work. The Sustainability overview is aimed at savers and provides an overview of how the fund management company works with sustainability issues along with concrete yearly follow-up of how this work has been the practice in previous years.
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Guidelines for the fund management companies' marketing and information

Sweden has gone forward with clearer information on the cost of brokerage and analysis. The association's Code of conduct for fund management companies includes the requirement to separate transaction costs in the cost of brokerage and analysis. The aim is to make it clear to the customer what he or she pays for analysis purchased under fund management. The Swedish fund industry has worked to make such a division possible.
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Clarifying the degree of activity in the management of the fund

The Swedish Investment Fund Association has decided on steps to clarify information about the funds' activity levels.Three concrete measures were decided by the Association's Board. The preparatory work has been made in dialogue with the Swedish FSA:

Benchmark. The association recommends that the fund's benchmark should be reported in the Fund's Key Investor Information Document, when there is a relevant one, to promote the possibility of comparability between funds and the possibility of evaluation of the Fund.

Active share. The key figure active share must be reported for equity funds in the fund's annual report where possible. The key figure is used to give a picture of a fund's active share in relation to its benchmark. The association has developed a guide to how the key figure is calculated so that it becomes uniform.

The Board's responsibilities. Furthermore, clearer requirements for the fund management company boards are introduced in the Association's "Code of conduct for fund management companies" regarding that the follow up of the objective, risk profile, activity level and yield is consistent with the information about the fund.

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Code of Conduct

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