2016 became another
record year for fund savings
in Sweden

[2017-01-23] In 2016, a net total of SEK 53 billion was saved in investment funds. Together with an increase in value of nearly SEK 270 billion, this means that total net assets at the end of 2016 increased to the new all-time high level of SEK 3 568 billion.
The largest portion of new savings during the year went to equity funds, with net deposits of nearly SEK 38 billion. Balanced funds and bond funds also had net inflows, while money market funds and hedge funds recorded net withdrawals during 2016.
This and more can be found in the Swedish Investment Fund Association's annual report on fund savings in Sweden.

“2016 became another strong year for funds. Total fund assets increased by over SEK 320 billion and exceeded, at the end of the year, for the first time ever, 3 500 billion. The increase in assets consisted of about a sixth of new savings and five sixths of value increase", says Fredrik Pettersson, Chief Analyst of the Swedish Investment Fund Association.

Read the full report here.

2016 in brief:

  • 2016 a strong year for investment funds. Total net savings, deposits minus withdrawals, was slightly lower than the historical average and totaled just over SEK 53 billion in 2016. Net deposits were made primarily in equity funds and balanced funds.
  • During 2016, total fund assets under management in Sweden increased with SEK 322 billion to SEK 3 568 billion, which represents the highest AuM-figure ever recorded.
  • Most equity markets showed increases in value. On average, equity funds (calculated in SEK) increased by nearly 13 percent in value. Sweden funds recorded an average increase in value of 9 percent and global funds increased in value by an average of 11 percent. Russia funds and Latin America funds, with Brazil in the lead, had the best returns during the year. Also pure commodity funds performed very strongly in 2016.
  • Equity funds recorded a total net inflow of SEK 38 billion in 2016. The largest deposits were made in global funds and Sweden funds, SEK 22.4 respectively 10.2 billion net. Also emerging market funds and US funds recorded net inflows. On the other hand, net withdrawals were made from Europe funds and the category Sweden & Global, which consists mainly of the old national savings funds (“Allemansfonderna”).
  • Interest in index funds remained very strong. More than 70 percent (SEK 26.5 billion) of the total net inflow into equity funds in 2016 went to index funds. Index funds accounted for nearly 15 percent of overall equity fund assets at the end of the year.
  • Balanced funds had continued net deposits throughout 2016, and recorded a total net inflow of SEK 27.9 billion.
  • Bond funds also recorded net deposits. The total net inflow in 2016 amounted to SEK 12.7 billion, of which SEK 2.6 billion went to corporate bond funds.
  • Money market funds, on the other hand, had a net outflow over the full year of SEK 22.6 billion.
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