Gilla Din Ekonomi
- a national programme raising public knowledge

“Gilla Din Ekonomi” [Like your Finances] is a national programme aimed at raising public knowledge in financial matters. The network, which is coordinated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, is a cooperation between approximately forty players − authorities, organisations and companies − with the goal of strengthening and increasing people’s self-confidence in the field of personal finances. The Swedish Investment Fund Association is one of the participating organisations.

Gilla Din EkonomiThe workplace project and the “Secure your financial future” course are concrete examples of this objective in practice. Numerous two-day courses are held for information providers, in cooperation with, among others, TCO (the Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees) and the Folkuniversitet adult education association.

Information providers are given training in such areas as budgets and payments, savings, loans and pensions. They can, in turn, with the aid of the course material, inform and help individuals in their workplaces when it comes to personal finance issues. The lecturers are experts from various authorities, organisations and companies within the “Like your Finances” network.

Another project has been launched for pensioners in Sweden, “Tryggare ekonomi på äldre dar” [Secure your finances in old age]. In this project the network collaborates with five Swedish pensioners’ organisations that together represent nearly one million members.

The brochure gives the facts

The Swedish Investment Fund Association is responsible for the fund saving element of the training. The Association has produced a brochure on funds for the project together with the Swedish FSA that is used as part of the training courses. The brochure brings together the most important information about funds and fund-based saving. 

The brochure on funds can be ordered from the Swedish Investment Fund Association website (available in Swedish).

More about Gilla Din Ekonomi (in Swedish)

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