The aim of Fondkollen is to boost savers’ financial

Virtually everyone in Sweden saves in funds; it is an easy way of saving. But many people say that they don’t get around to reviewing their saving. Fondkollen (Fund Check) provides practical tools to make it easy for savers to keep an eye on their funds.

Fondkollen consists of a website and an app and provides factual, straightforward information that answers the most commonly asked questions about funds and fund-based saving.

Increased involvement through practical tools

A number of tools have been developed within the framework of Fondkollen.

“Kolla fonden” (Check the fund), for example, provides a relevant and clear comparison of a fund by showing how it has performed in comparison with other funds with the same investment orientation. It’s easy, just enter the name of the fund and the correct comparison will be displayed.

“Hitta ny fond” (Find a new fund) is a useful tool when choosing a new fund, showing which funds are available within different fund categories and how they perform within their category.

A calculator has also been developed. One of the calculator’s most important roles is converting management fees and returns into kronor. It also shows what saving a particular amount will yield in returns over different time spans. The calculator is used by several of the Association’s member companies on their own websites.

Tips and answers

The Association regularly shares tips and know-how as part of a series on the website. We also answers questions about saving in funds on the website, in a popular column, “Ask about funds”.

Fondkollen on your mobile

The Fondkollen app offers an overview of all funds, both for private saving and as part of the premium pension. The app also enables the saver to see, quickly and easily, how a particular fund has performed in relation to other funds with the same investment orientation, and to identify new funds in a range of categories.

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