Strong consumers

Funds is an easy way to save, at the same time there are many who think that personal finance is difficult. The Swedish Investment Fund Assocation runs several projects targeted to the consumer.

The Swedish Investment Fund Association works in several ways to maintain and strenghten the confidence in investment in funds. One way is to boost consumer awareness.

A knowledge of finance and, first and foremost, of personal finance is incredibly important in today’s society. Knowledgeable savers make demands and take informed decisions, which helps, in turn, to ensure an efficiently functioning financial sector. 

Association involvement in the debate

  • The Swedish Investment Fund Association is a co-financer of “Ung Privatekonomi” [Young Personal Finances), a school information project that trains more than 20,000 young people at Sweden’s upper secondary schools every year on the subject of personal finance and saving in shares and funds.
  • The Association is part of a Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority network, established by the Ministry of Finance, which aims to strengthen consumers’ position in the financial market - Gilla Din Ekonomi [Like Your Finances].
  • The Association is one of the principals behind the consumer information agency - the Swedish Consumers’ Banking & Finance Bureau.
  • The Fondkollen [Fund Check] project is an important part of our work to help increase knowledge of funds and fund saving and currently comprises three components: the website and a mobile app.
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